1. Once a booking has been confirmed and any deposit has been paid, booking locations, dates and times cannot be changed or altered by you (the client) unless the performer confirmed for the booking can accommodate the requested change.
  2. Booking deposits are not related to any booking in its entirety. Each booking deposit is a collection of “service deposits” associated with each individual service within any booking. These service deposits make up a total booking deposit, and in the event of any refund, will only be refunded as per the service deposit amount associated with the refund.
  3. In the event that you (the client) cannot be contacted on the mobile phone number/s provided to Sunshines Finest Models, and the booking venue has restricted entry in which the performer is unable to freely enter the venue, after no more than 15 minutes of the performers arrival time, the service in question may be cancelled and the service deposit relating to that service will be forfeited.
  4. In the event that you (the client) cancel a booking or service within any booking, or require any alterations to a booking or service within any booking, the booking deposit or service deposit will be forfeited and is NON-REFUNDABLE. This includes the cancellation of any service/s on the night of the booking.
  5. In the event that Sunshines Finest Models is forced to cancel a booking or service within any booking, any deposit paid for the service or booking in question will be REFUNDED IN FULL. This does not include booking cancellations due to a breach of the terms and conditions listed on this page.
  6. Sunshines Finest Models does not claim any responsibility for the appearance of our performers in relation to the images they provide on our website. While we endeavour to provide the most accurate images possible, please understand that the performers listed on our website may change their physical appearance over time, and often.
  7. All bookings made through Sunshines Finest Models are done so in the form of a Preferred Performer only. Due to the nature of the Adult Industry and the performers we represent, it is not possible to guarantee any specific person for any booking, service, or time, and as such, Sunshines Finest Models makes no such guarantee. No refund or discount will be given in the event your Preferred Performer is, or becomes, unavailable for your booking.
  8. In the event that your Preferred Performer is not available at the requested time, or becomes unavailable at any time, Sunshines Finest Models reserves the right to replace your Preferred Performer without notice.
  9. No person under the age of 18 is permitted to be in attendance of any booking or booking venue in which our performers are present. In the event any person under the age of 18 is in attendance, the performer may choose not to commence the booking, or cancel the booking WITH NO REFUND. It is not enough to be merely “out of sight”, this condition will be strictly enforced and applies to any and all minors present in any part of any venue in which a performer is present.
  10. Our performers will not attend bookings in which other women are present, unless previous notification has been given and consent has been granted by Sunshines Finest Models. Notification and consent must be given and granted prior to any deposit payment. In the event that women are present at any time of any booking, without prior notice and consent, the performer may choose not to commence the booking, or cancel the booking WITH NO REFUND.
  11. No cameras are permitted during the performance. If you wish to photograph the dancer or waitress before or after the performance, the decision is at the dancer or waitresses discretion ONLY.
  12. Our performers will not perform in any open area within view of the public, on grass or on sand. Please provide a covered, clean and flat area for the performance.
  13. All guests must behave in a respectful manner towards the performer at all times. If the performer is harassed, degraded, insulted, pressured, intimidated, made to feel uncomfortable or assaulted, the performance will be cancelled IMMEDIATELY WITH NO REFUND.
  14. Do not ask our performers for their private phone numbers or request any sexual services at ANY TIME. Any sexual request, intimidation or advance towards the performer will result in the performance being cancelled IMMEDIATELY WITH NO REFUND.
  15. If the performer is placed into an environment which could be considered by anyone of reasonable stature to be sexually, physically, or mentally intimidating or threatening by any person, group, or guest of any person or group associated with the booking, the performance will be cancelled IMMEDIATELY WITH NO REFUND.
  16. Touching is at the discretion of the dancer and waitresses ONLY. Beware of, and be respectful of the performers’ boundaries and do not ‘test’ or ‘overstep’ these boundaries.
  17. If the performer decides (based on the environment, guests and situation at the time) not to commence the job on the night for any reason, payment to the performer is not required, and all monies received by Sunshines Finest Models (not the performer) will be REFUNDED IN FULL. However, once any payment has been made to the performer, and the booking is deemed to have commenced, If ANY of the above rules are broken, at ANY TIME, the performance may be cancelled WITHOUT REFUND at the performers’ discretion.
  18. For most performances, performers will be accompanied by security personnel. Under no circumstances will these personnel leave the performer unattended, so do not ask them too.
  19. Sunshines Finest Models does not claim any responsibility or liability for any loss, damage, injury caused by any sub-contractor provided to the client. Any legal matter is solely between client & sub-contractor.
  20. No payments made to any performer can be refunded by Sunshines Finest Models once the performer has left your venue. All bookings, payments and agreements are made between the client and the sub-contracting performer and not with Sunshines Finest Models.
  21. Upon payment of any deposit to Sunshines Finest Models, or upon payment of any monies to the performer, you (the client) and any guest of the client are deemed to have accepted and agreed to the terms and conditions listed on this page.
  22. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES are you (the client) authorized to use any images or content from any Sunshines Finest Models owned website, or make any claims on behalf of Sunshines Finest Models, or their sub-contractors, in any promotional material whatsoever, without the written consent of the Managing Director. Any unauthorized Images, content or claims made by you (the client) will result in the CANCELLATION OF ALL BOOKING SERVICES WITH NO REFUND.